logonew2 (1)When it comes to your home improvements, you want the job done right, at the right price and right on time. The team at Gaeta’s Home Improvements, Inc. understands. We’re homeowners too. We understand you’re not only looking for a great job, but also peace of mind with no headaches or hassles.Owner, Scott Gaeta is a 30+ year resident of South Florida. He has the experience and know-how to guide you through the process – whether it’s adding trim, hanging a door or a complete remodel. Scott and his team of craftsmen are trade experts with the talent and knowledge to answer your questions, help you make the right choices for your project and budget and complete a job you’ll be proud of and enjoy now and for years to come.At Gaeta’s we’re not looking simply for satisfied customers. We’re looking to exceed your expectations and make you a delighted customer. Why? Well, satisfied customers are just that – satisfied. They may or may not come back to us for their next project. We seek to develop long term relationships. We’ve learned that the way to do that is to go the extra mile and wow you with stellar work. Then, odds are, you’ll be delighted and delighted customers come back.Naturally, Gaeta’s is licensed and insured. We provide both residential and commercial services. Homeowner Associations are always welcome and we accept all major credit cards.One call is all it takes to get your project underway. How simple is that?Let’s get to work!

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Full Care uses skill, creativity, quality materials, and attention to detail in developing and caring for the residences of our homeowners. We strongly believe that a landscape that’s beautifully designed and carefully maintained enhances the value of any property. Maintaining a magnificent landscape requires a program of maintenance that’s consistent and responsible from an acknowledged expert.

Full Care provides the level of service our clients have been asking for. While we can all appreciate the beauty of a well-kept landscape, not all homeowners have the time, ability or interest to be “plant managers”; this is precisely why so many homeowners choose Full Care. Whether it is an historic residence needing updated amenities, or a newly developed property which needs a sense of place, our services are designed to blend our clients’ needs with the context of the site, allowing them to fully enjoy their property’s potential.

At Full Care, we have the experience, knowledge and a professional, courteous staff to get the job done for you. We will prune our services to suit your needs and will get the job done with the kind of skilled attention that you expect on such an important investment.



Custom trim and molding are a great way to add a bit of drama to your home. Crown molding and baseboards create unity within a space. Chair rail, wainscoting, along with window and door trim can add a beautiful finishing touch.

Plus, trim and molding are more than simply decorative. They can hide drywall flaws, blemishes and protect walls from damage and cover wood expansion and contraction areas.

Whether your choice is contemporary or traditional, Gaeta’s expert finish carpentry will bring your interiors to life with elegance and style. Call today for a no-obligation estimate.


You’ve worked hard to have a beautiful home. It’s your castle and your refuge. It’s your pride and joy, and you’re diligent to protect your investment and keep it looking great.

The South Florida weather might be great, but the rains do come, along with the humidity. Pretty soon, you start to see what the rains brought to your patio and sidewalks. Dirt and grime. Algae and mildew. A stain here. Another there.

When it comes to cleanup time, call Gaeta’s. They’ll pressure clean your patios, deck, pool area, sidewalks and more. You’ll save time and money you might have spent renting a pressure cleaner and a couple of afternoons. Gaeta’s helps you enjoy your home, not labor over it.


Pools can be a great personal and family getaway, just outside your backdoor. But, along with the fun comes the maintenance. Pool decks can quickly become a haven for mold, algae and mildew. Plus, over time, cracks are sure to appear.

When it comes to cleaning and sealing your pool area, count of Gaeta’s team to get the job done right. With one call to 954.757.8749 or email, your pool area will look new again.


Ah, the joys of plumbing. A leaky faucet. A clogged drain. A new sink. For even some of the most seasoned weekend warriors it can be a frustrating experience.

You know the story. Three trips to the hardware store to find the right fittings for the job. Finding a way to get a wrench into places it seems it was never meant to go. Finishing up, turning on the water and having to start all over again.

You know the story. Three trips to the hardware store to find the right fittings for the job. Finding a way to get a wrench into places it seems it was never meant to go. Finishing up, turning on the water and having to start all over again. Odds are, your time is better spent on other projects. Call Gaeta’s to get the job done quickly, at the right price and all without needing to reach for the antacids. You’ll probably save even more money by not having to fix a mysterious fist-sized hole in the drywall that seemed to appear after that last turn of the wrench stripped the fitting threads.



Are you losing sleep over a leaky faucet that just won’t quit? Maybe it’s a cabinet door that doesn’t want to play nice or that haunting leak in the roof that stained the ceiling with its drip … drip drip.

Gaeta’s LogoOdds are, these types of projects have been on your list for a while. But, with work, kids, weekend running around, your time is at a premium and that list just keeps growing.

Relax. We have you covered. The Gaeta guys will come over, take a look and give you a spot on estimate. We’ll get the job done and leave your home like we were never there … except for that project list that just got a lot smaller.


Lighting adds character and ambiance to both home interiors and exteriors. The right lighting washes a space with a special glow. It can be used to feature elements and areas of a room, open up a room or create a cozy space to nestle up and read your favorite book. Outside, lighting can be used for direction, to showcase architectural details, or add fixtures that provide both function and beauty.

But don’t let your next electrical project turn into a shocking experience. Call the experts – Gaeta’s Home Improvement. Whether you need an entire lighting solution, or just a simple outlet, Scott Gaeta will ensure it’s done right, at the right price and right on time.


The door. A lowly entranceway … or a stunning statement? A piece of wood or metal to keep out the weather and provide some security? Or, perhaps, that plus a design element that gives a hint of the character, class and style that awaits behind it.

Whatever your needs, solid or hollow, interior or exterior, screened to sliding, Gaeta’s has the experience and expertise that ensures your new doors are a perfect fit, hang properly and simply work the way you expect.

With Gaeta;s Home Improvment’s easy no-cost consultation, you’ll have your new door installed in no time. Plus, all doors carry a full manufacturer’s warranty and one year labor warranty.




Concrete is a great material, especially here in South Florida. It’s used for all sorts of building projects, from houses, to driveways, patios, even landscaping borders and more. But, although it’s versatile and durable, it does need regular maintenance.

Have you noticed cracks and chips? Have tree roots unseated areas? No problem when you call Gaeta’s Home Improvement. We’ll come out to you location, look things over and make some recommendations. Naturally, estimates are free and without obligation.

Looking for something new? Gaeta’s services include new concrete work, such as pouring and finishing a complete patio or walkway. Give us a call today at 954.757-8749 to learn more.

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Scott, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your assistance with the projects we recently completed at my house. I am truly impressed with the changes to the kitchen. I think our decision to reduce the wall over the counter in the center of the kitchen, and to add the recessed lighting, gave me the updated look I wanted without costing too much. I am not sure I would have thought these changes possible without our discussions prior to starting the project. Your work is extremely professional and I really like the way you clean up every day! The house looks great! Thanks for your patience while I decided what color to paint it. Your attention to detail is to be commended! Please know that I really appreciate working with you on these projects. You arrived on time, as scheduled, and completed projects in the time you had estimated the job to take. You offered reasonable solutions to several of my problems that were not cost prohibitive. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone for any project! Thanks again for your help and I will call you when I need something else done.
Mary Ann Yount
As President of my Home Owners Association, I had contracted Gaeta Home Improvement to do some repair work in the Community. Some of the work was structural and some general repair and preventative maintenance. I found Mr. Gaeta to be knowledgeable and mannerly. His quote was reasonable and the work done by his crew was done neatly and in a timely manner. Mr. Gaeta also cared enough about his work to come out and do a follow up after all work had been completed. The Board and I were so impressed by Mr. Gaeta and the way he delivered what he promised that we contracted him to do a few more repair jobs around the community.
Edward K. Stover
When the time came to update my kitchen, I asked co-workers for personal recommendations as to whom I should contact. I wanted personal references instead of using the yellow pages. More than one person recommended Scott Gaeta. I called Scott to make an appointment to get an estimate. He was punctual, courteous and the price he quoted was fair. Scott took the time to sit with me when I ordered the cabinets and when I called him to meet me to help select tile he was there. His knowledge of current styles was very valuable in the many decorating decisions needed to be made. My husband was delighted in the timeframe from the beginning of the construction until the end. When I need to do more remodeling, he will the first person I call. I trust him.
Sandy Bierwirth
Gaeta’s is reliable and does quality work. From minor plumbing issues to refitting a bathroom, they are the first company I call for help. I’ve always had a pleasant experience.
Emily Loonam
I want to thank you for the excellent job and service rendered by your company, and in completing the dismantling the cabinet and installing the new counter top in our regional conference room. For your company to do the work on Friday the day after Thanksgiving was very dedicated. Located in our busiest regional office sites and the way the job was handled and coordinated allowed us to continue operating with virtually no disruption on Monday when returning from the holiday weekend. We all know that construction can be a chaotic situation when the demolition process is started etc., and I have been involved in many construction projects over the years and I must tell you that this was the cleanest job ever. Again thank you for a job well done.
Kevin M. McCarthy
Regional Comcast Manager

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